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Into Space

Maybe they’re from Mars or the moon or some place we don’t even know about. They’re guiding me in my intergalactic wanderlust.


Every Into Space stool consists of a basic metal tripod. By adding different arms you create various characters and seating possibilities. 

The pillow is made of comfortable foam in the shape of a big, bouncy ball. The bounce allows you to drift off.

The fabric is Kvadrats Galaxy, designed by Alfredo Häberli, and the pattern is made up of irregular colorful specs that are in contrast with the background color, referring to clusters of stars and stardust that make up a galaxy. The 3D stretch textile allows the upholstery to take on this round shape.



My collection of stools are absurd but not meaningless. Its meaning lies in their positivity, both in look and design as well as in the philosophy behind it. 

So let them charm you and put a soft smile on your face and let your imagination do the rest.


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