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Table golden section

The golden section is a mathematical ratio that looks like this: a : b = (a+b) : a. 

It is also well known for its esthetic applications. Painters, sculptors, architects and even composers have all used the golden section to create their art. But also in nature, we find a lot of examples of this specific proportion. It's beauty and meaning can be found in the balance it brings and that is certainly true for this table as well. 


The frame is black powder-coated steel and the top is made of solid terrazzo (marble and cement), made from scratch by a local craftsman in Antwerp. Included, but optional, is a house visit in order to hand-select the colors and chip size of the marble and color of the powder coating. This way each table becomes a unique custom-made piece. As finish: the golden section is engraved in the terrazzo and finished with clean white cement. 


Whilst not taking up the amount of space of a regular large table, its dimensions do allow you to easily work on opposite sides of it and allow seating for up to eight adults.



180cm x 111,24cm x h97cm


Terrazzo, powder coated steel



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